Without good icons hardly a web project comes out. If you are looking for free icons, you will definitely not miss the following icon finders and font generators.

Icons are ubiquitous on the web – it’s full of iconic collections for every occasion and taste. Here at t3n we have already introduced you  free icons like the Iconmelon collection or  Google’s free SVG icons .

The time designers invest in selecting suitable symbols usually pays off – in the form of meaningful, personal websites with that certain something. But you do not always have to scour the depths of the web to find the perfect set of web icons for the next project. We introduce you to the most important Icon Finder, which aggregate tons of icon sets for you, as well as the most popular icon font generators.

Some of the providers presented below present both free and paid icons and icon sets. We point that out in the description – but of course you should also check yourself before use again, which terms of use are subject to your chosen icons.

1. Find free web icons with Glyphsearch

GlyphSearch combines popular icon sets in a search mask. (Screenshot: GlyphSearch)
Glyphsearch combines popular icon sets in a search mask. (Screenshot: Glyphsearch)

The icon search engine Glyphsearch allows users to search for symbols from the popular free collections Font Awesome, Glyphicons, Icomoon, Ionicons, Material Design and Foundation – Githubs Octicons are also part of the game. In total, more than 1,000 web icons come together in this way, which you can copy by clicking and paste into your own web project.

2. Flaticon – the classic icon finder

Flaticon has a large number of free icons – but also many premium icons. (Screenshot: Flaticon)

The Icon-Finder Flaticon we have already presented at t3n in detail . The service not only provides access to more than one million icons – it also makes it possible to access the entire collection of symbols via its own Photoshop plug-in, without the detour via the Flaticon website . Those who do not want to pay for the premium license, however, must refer to the author by name and link. The creators of Flaticon are also behind the service Freepik, which we will introduce next.

3. Freepik crawls the net for free icons and graphics

Free design resources can be found on the Icon-Finder Freepik. (Screenshot: Freepik)

Freepik is an Icon Finder in the classic sense: The service automatically searches the net for free graphics, icons, photos and vectors for web designers and outputs them in categories for its users. At the same time, some designers also create exclusive files that are also found for free at Freepik. All in all, according to Freepik, more than one million free graphic resources are collected. The exact terms of use you should also check on the pages of the original provider.

4. The Noun Project: Impressive icon library with smears for non-payer

Especially individual icons can be found in the library of the Noun Project. (Screenshot: The Noun Project)

The Noun Project is dedicated to the visual language on the Net. More than one million icons, created by a designer community and curated by the operators of the platform, can be found here. Not only is the range of topics covered particularly high, but also the quality and creativity of the logos. The downside: If you want to take full advantage of the strengths of the Noun Project, you have to fork out $ 9.99 for one month or $ 39.99 per year. Why the page is still in our overview? Even as a non-paying member of the community, many icons can be downloaded and used – if only in black and with attribution of the creator. Detailed pricing information can be found here .

5. Iconfinder: Stately number of freely available icons

Not only, but also free icons can be found on iconfinder.com. (Screenshot: Iconfinder)

Meanwhile, the Iconfinder service  has amassed more than two million icons . Not all of them are free of charge. The service has made it into our collection anyway, because the search results can be easily filtered by “Free Icons”, “For Commercial Use” and “No Link Back” – and in most cases still a considerable number of available icons ,

6. Icons Made in Germany: Iconmonstr

Iconmonstr is a project of the Münster developer Alexander Kahlkopf. (Screenshot: Iconmonstr)

In Iconmonstr is a project of the Münster Developer Alexander bald head. To date, more than 4,300 black and white icons have been accumulated on the platform, all of which can be used free of charge for private and commercial purposes – even without naming.

7. Icons-8

Graphics power: The icons of Icons-8 may under certain conditions also be used free of charge. (Screenshot: Icons-8)

The Platform Icons-8 has more than 80,000 icons, and new, specially created icons are added daily. The creators of the website explicitly address the users’ icon requests and adhere to the design guidelines of Apple, Microsoft and Google. If you want to use it for free, you can only download it in PNG format and set a backlink to Icons-8. For further use, $ 19.90 a month or $ 199 a year is due – which would make the Noun Project (see Item 4) the cheaper alternative.

8. The first icon font generator ever: Icomoon

The classic icon font generator: IcoMoon.
The classic icon font generator: Icomoon. (Screenshot: Icomoon)

Icomoon is a web app that allows users to browse a variety of icon collections and assemble any selection of icons into a custom icon font. The advantage of such font generators: Web designers do not have to download complete icon sets or integrate into their web project, but can choose from different sets exactly the symbols they want to use. On its website, Icomoon claims to have been the first provider of such a font generator ever. Also at Icomoon there is not only free icons – total find, according to the instructions of the makers but more than 4,000 free and open source icons in the library.

9. Over 5,000 free icons in the Dry Icons archive

With Dry-Icons there are more than 6,000 free icons and vectors. (Screenshot: Dry Icons)

With Dry Icons , users can access the more than 5,000 free icons and more than 1,700 vector graphics created by the designers of the Dry Icons project in Macedonia since 2007. The collection contains both minimalistic icons as well as glossy and seasonal icon sets, which can be used under a free license to name the author and backlink.

10. Free vector art at Vecteezy

Vecteezy calls itself the “largest vector graphics community in the world.” (Screenshot: Vecteezy)

The Vecteezy platform for icons and vector graphics has both premium content and free-to-use icons in store. Users of the standard license must refer to the author of the selected icon. All in all, according to the supplier, more than 100,000 vector graphics, clip arts and icons can be found at Vecteezy.

11. Open source depot with usability weaknesses: Iconspedia

Not always good for the eye: The platform IconsPedia brings together a multitude of free icons. (Screenshot: IconsPedia)
Not always good for the eye: The platform Iconspedia brings together a multitude of free icons. (Screenshot: Iconspedia)

Even with Iconspedia be free icons found in abundance, the page itself is in terms of usability but less recommended. If you want to start your search here, you have to adapt to a colorful ’90s design and a bewildering number of banners – and it’s also a good idea to filter exactly for licenses, as there are also icon sets that are only available for private use or at least non-commercial purposes are released.

12. Font generator with SVG import: Fontello

Fontello is similar to other icon font generators like IcoMoon or Fontastic. (Screenshot: Fontello)
Fontello is similar to other icon font generators like Icomoon or Fontastic. (Screenshot: Fontello)

In Fontello  is an easy to use icon font generator. Similar to Icomoon or Fontastic, users can browse through a wide selection of freely available icon sets. Included : FontAwesome, Typicons, Modern Pictograms or Fontello’s own icon sets Fontelico and Brandico. Most icon sets at Fontello are under the open SIL license and can therefore be used in commercial projects. The icons that users have selected for use can be put together to form their own package. Fontello also offers the option of uploading own icons or SVG files.

13. Free icons in the Iconarchive

Open-source icons can be found in the Iconarchive. (Screenshot: Iconarchive)

More than half a million free icons can be found at Iconarchive  – but web designers should make sure that the chosen icon set is actually released for commercial use. Corresponding search filters are available. For some of the free icons, a backlink must be set in case of use. In addition, Iconarchive can be searched in over 40 different categories from Business to Vintage or filtered for the latest or most popular icons.

14. Pictonic: A font generator with free and paid icons

Not nearly as many free icons as Fontello or IconFont: The font generator Pictonic. (Screenshot: Pictonic)
Not nearly as many free icons as Fontello or IconFont: The font generator Pictonic. (Screenshot: Pictonic)

In  Pictonic  is another icon font generator in the style of Fontello or FONTASTIC. Downside with this service: Only 362 of the available icons are free, all other costs 59 cents apiece. Size, color and shading of the icons can be easily adapted and later changed.

15. Font Generator with Heart: We Love Icon Fonts

We Love Icon Fonts is similar to services like Fontello, Fontastic or IcoMoon. (Screenshot: We Love Icon Fonts)
We Love Icon Fonts is similar to services like Fontello, Fontastic or Icomoon. (Screenshot: We Love Icon Fonts)

The service We Love Icon Fonts  describes itself as Google Web fonts, especially for icon fonts. This bundles a wide variety of open-source icon sets from which users can export their favorites into their own font. The selection of available packages is very similar to the other icon font generators. The personalized icon font is output via embed code and can then be adapted via CSS. However, the creators now advise on their website from using the icon fonts in production mode and recommend their involvement only for tests and mockups.

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Without good icons hardly a web project comes out. If you are looking for free icons, you will definitely not miss the following icon finders...

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Without good icons hardly a web project comes out. If you are looking for free icons, you will definitely not miss the following icon finders...

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