Daily Articles: 27 Mar, 2020

Corona Crisis: Sars CoV-2 Research Exceeds 1 Exaflops

Thanks to corona virus, the Folding @ Home distributed computing project has almost as much computing capacity as upcoming supercomputers. With almost 800 petaflops of distributed computing power, Folding @ Home has set a new record for the time being – just a few days ago, the capacity was less than 500 teraflops. The distributed computing…

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March 27th, 2020 Linux, Tech News, Ubuntu

Github Desktop 2.4 comes with simplified setup and proxy support

The developer tool Github Desktop 2.4 introduces support for proxy access, simplifies the creation of issues and brings support for other code editors. As Github’s Billy Griffin confirms in his release post , the innovations in desktop version 2.4 are primarily tailored to employees of large organizations who connect to the Internet via a proxy. The tool…

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March 27th, 2020 GitHub, News, Tech News, Tutorials, Web Design